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Myofunctional Disorders

What They Are and Why You Should Care About Them…

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Myofunctional disorders are a set of “conditions” that cause the tongue and other muscles of the face, mouth and jaws to function abnormally. Left untreated, myofunctional disorders often lead to a host of developmental problems for infants, toddlers & children.

Infants with myofunctional dysfunction often struggle with easy, peaceful and healthy breastfeeding. If these babies remain untreated as they grow into toddlerhood, they can develop tongue thrusts, open bites, swallowing disorders & chronic mouth breathing habits.

If the dysfunctions are overlooked or neglected into the early childhood years, they can progress into speech disorders, bruxism (teeth grinding), facial pain, facial asymmetry, TMJ problems and sleep related breathing disorders including obstructive sleep apnea. Myofunctional therapy can prevent and, in many cases, reverse these problems.

Myofunctional Therapy

Think of It as Physical Therapy for the Face

Myofunctional therapy is founded on a simple yet powerful premise: Breathing, swallowing and oral hygiene tend to improve when tongue posture is corrected, facial muscles are strengthened and poor oral habits are eliminated. Similar to physical therapy, it’s an exercise-based treatment protocol designed to improve the function of the muscles housed in the face, mouth and jaws – including the tongue. The goal of myofunctional therapy is to help patients achieve improved overall health, well-being, and oral function.
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